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The Aura Mae Way

The Aura Mae Way - eating and living a beautiful life

When I published my first book, Get Some Hairapy- a hairdresser's prescription for happinessĀ  (available for free on Kindle Unlimited), in 2005, I was focused on stories of happiness based on actions and choices made by clients, co-workers and family.

In the years since then, I have learned so much more about living a happy, healthy life and am currently writing the follow-up book that will discuss all the ways food and lifestyle can increase your overall health and happiness. I will share the story of how I learned to cook foods without the help of packaged and processed ingredients and how it impacted the health of my family. I will also share the unexpected discoveries about activity and mindset that made it easier for me to be happy every day without working at it.

In my role as your Kitchen Beautician, I learned that making over your meals can makeover your life. To follow along on the journey, you can use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Always feel free to ask questions and share your own stories.

Remember, you're not just making meals, you're making memories, and they may as well be good ones.

My food images can be found by searching #theauramaeway. You can also follow me on Instagram , Twitter or Facebook