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Board Certified Haircolorist
@ Azarra Salon & Wine

Aura doesn't hesitate to suggest changes to keep clients' looks updated, nor is she shy about trying new things. She is uniquely skilled at helping clients find styles that flatter them, fit into their lifestyle, and don't take ages to style. If you want a haircut that looks good even if you aren't gifted with styling tools and techniques, Aura has an answer. She was voted Tacoma's Best Haircutter two years in a row, so whether you want a technically precise cut (she trained at Vidal Sassoon) or a more fluid razor cut, you will be in good hands.

While she has a special affinity for using bright, crayon colors (the class she teaches most often to other hairdressers is about working with these dyes), Aura understands that not everyone wants color that draws attention to itself. She is just as happy to create a look so natural that no one knows your hair is colored.

Aura works to craft a custom color for each client and may use any number of tools, techniques and technology including hand painting, balayage and precision foiling. Elumen High-Performance Haircolor or Olaplex Bond Multiplier are included in all color services. Creative sessions with Aura Mae are billed at $100/hour and are limited to a maximum of four hours (most sessions are 2-3 hours). If your hair requires more work than can be accomplished in one session, a plan will be put in place for your Haircolor Journey.

In addition to providing clients in the salon with beautiful hair, Aura has other projects she pursues. She spent a number of years as a
traveling educator teaching classes to hairdressers across the country for major haircolor manufacturers. She now serves on the Board of Directors for the American Board of Certified Haircolorists and is a speaker at their annual Energizing Summit.

In her first book, Get Some Hairapy! A hairdresser's prescription for happiness, she shares her best insights and stories to help you create the life you deserve. Copies are available at your favorite online bookseller (including Kindle Unlimited.) 

Be advised that Aura has a very full calendar. To ensure your hair is maintained on schedule, it is highly recommended that you schedule your next visit before leaving the salon. Her hair work can be found on social media by searching #auramae. Feel free to email with questions.

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